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Google will send an alert to the user when personal information appears in the search engine, a new feature will start soon

Google will shoot an alert to the stoner when particular information appears in the hunt machine, a new point will start soon 

New Delhi. Google has come up with a point that will notify any stoner of particular information appearing in the hunt results. In this regard, Google said on Thursday that if a stoner's phone number, dispatch and home address are appearing in the hunt results, also information will be transferred to that stoner. 

The company said that if a stoner's particular information appears in the hunt machine, also the stoner can fluently remove all the information through this tool. Let us know that this point named' Results about you' can be live till coming time. At present, it has been rolled out for some druggies. 

How will it work Results about you

still, also Google will shoot announcement, If your information is coming in hunt results and you have decided for alert of similar situation. After this, with the help of this tool, you can fluently remove these information. For this, you just have to go to Google Support and fill a form in which you have to give the URL of the information, which you want to remove from the hunt results. 


Apart from the discussion and forum feature

Google is also working on other features. The company has also introduced' conversations and forum' point. With the help of this point, the stoner will get the content of popular forums and links to online conversations along with hunt results. For illustration, if you searched for the stylish buses for a growing family, you would now see links to forum posts, among other web results. 

News will be able to be searched with the help of translation,

piecemeal from this, Google is coming up with a point that will exclude the language hedge. Through this point, when you search commodity on Google, you see results in your favored language. But it'll help people to search news in any language using machine restatement. 

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