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Twitter Edit Button: Will not be able to use it for free, will have to pay so much money

Twitter Edit Button Won't be suitable to use it for free, will have to pay so important plutocrat 

A new update has come for tech druggies in the first of September. Now the important sought after point Edit Button is being tested. This button will soon allow druggies to edit tweets. This information reached everyone through the company's tweet. numerous times it's seen that if a wrong tweet is posted, it has to be deleted. 

Information from Twitter company tweets

The Twitter company has twittered on its sanctioned Twitter handle. There's information in this that – some druggies will start getting the installation of edit button on Twitter. Since its testing work is yet to be done. The edit button for Twitter was being tested for a long time. 

About the function of the edit button

How will the edit button set up in recent times work in Twitter? Talking about this point, with the help of this, a stoner will get 30 twinkles to ameliorate his tweet. This would simply mean that if a stoner tweets, he or she'll have the occasion to modify it within 30 twinkles. The stoner will also have the installation to view the original tweet for corrections in the tweet. With the edit, the stoner will also see old or original tweets. 


This installation can be profited by paying Twitter Blue subscription figure of$4.99 i.e. Rs 396. Any stoner who uses this point will have to pay Rs 396 per month. 

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