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Now run 2 Whatsapp in the same phone like this

Now run 2 Whatsapp in the same phone like this 

Dual Apps feature

But in moment’s time some smartphone makers are offering a point called “ Dual Apps ” which allows you to run two performances of an app contemporaneously. moment we will tell you how to set up Dual WhatsApp account on your Dual sim mobile that too in a many twinkles. 

Dual WhatsApp: How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone

Gone are the days when you only demanded a spare Android phone to have a secondary WhatsAppaccount.However, Xiaomi, Vivo, If you have a Dual - SIM smartphone from Oppo. 

Before setting up Dual App, make sure that the second SIM is enabled and connected to the internet.


Step 1. Go to the Settings of your Android device. 

Step 2. Scroll down and valve Apps. 

Step 3. elect Dual Apps and valve on produce. 

Step 4. elect WhatsApp from the Dual App Supported Apps. 

Step 5. Toggle off Dual apps and stay for the device’s WhatsApp Dual app to be set up. 

Step 6. Go back to the App Launcher and open WhatsApp with the Dual App icon. 

Step 7. Set up WhatsApp using your other number. 

pay attention:

This step is for Xiaomi bias. The name of the point and the way may vary depending on the smartphone manufacturer. 


So in this way you can reduplicate your WhatsApp and set up two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. But you can not set up 2 WhatsApp using the same phone number. 

Other Apps

still, you can download a number of apps from the Google Play Store that offer to set up multiple accounts, If you do n’t have a smartphone that supports Dual apps. resemblant Space Quite a popular choice with over a hundred million downloads. other exemplifications DO Multiple Accounts, Multi Spaceetc. 

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