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UPI Lite: Make payments to anyone in a second without entering PIN, no need for internet

UPI Lite Make payments to anyone in a second without entering Leg, no need for internet 

New Delhi. UPI is being used veritably presto moment. To use this service, you have to use your Leg and the payment is done. To make this service more easy, the government has launched the UPI Lite service. It's an on- device portmanteau installation that allows druggies to make payments up to Rs 200 without using a UPI Leg. So let’s know about the features and benefits of UPI Lite. 

What's UPI Lite 

Simply put, UPI Lite is an on- device portmanteau. To use it, guests have to put plutocrat from their bank account in the app’s portmanteau. Since it's an on- device portmanteau, druggies don't need internet for real- time payments. Also, there's no need to enter a Leg for this. Explain that through this service, deals can be done in offline mode. While the disbenefit payment will be offline, the internet will be needed to add plutocrat to the account. still, soon NPCI'll give the installation of making both disbenefit and credit offline. 


What's the limit of UPI Lite 

This service is designed for small value deals. Its limit has been fixed up to Rs 200. You won't need a UPI Leg for payment up to this position. You can keep a balance of over to Rs,000 in the on- device portmanteau. Using this, druggies can pay unlimited times in a day. 


Who can use UPI Lite 

The UPI Lite point has been enabled on the BHIM app. So far this list includes Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India and Utkarsh Small Finance Bank, NPCI. 

UPI Lite How to add balance 

Balance can be added on UPI Lite portmanteau only through online mode( with internet). In this, you'll be suitable to add balance with Extra Factor Authentication( AFA) or by using UPI Autopay. It has been registered by the druggies in online mode. If ever you disable UPI Lite also the remaining quantum will be deposited in your bank account. UPI Lite has been made available to the druggies to grease fast and easy payments. 

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