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Can’t do ‘Google translation’ anymore, the reason given by the company while shutting down the service

Can’t do ‘Google translation’ presently, the reason given by the company while shutting down the service 

New Delhi Google, the world’s largest hunt machine, has stopped its translation service in China. Due to this decision of Google, the service of the neighboring country’s company has come limited. After opening the Translate website in China, a general Google hunt bar is now visible. After clicking on this, druggies reach the Hong Kong Google translation website. still, Chinese druggies can not use the Hong Kong translation website. According to reports, an American tech company has shut down its translation service in China due to low operation. 

The unforeseen arrestment of Google translation service in China has affected some Chinese operations. This is such an operation. Which depends on Google’s translation service. According to TechCrunch, after this step of the American company, druggies using services like KOReader document anthology are facing a lot of problems. In 2006, Google launched the Chinese interpretation of Google Hunt in China. still, it saw a clash with original hunt machine Baidu. 


The search engine was discontinued in 2010

In 2010, Google shut down its hunt machine service in China. According to the New York Times, Google said in 2010 that hackers in China had stolen some of its source law. Gmail accounts of some Chinese mortal rights activists were addressed. Google has shut down its hunt machine service in China due to the Chinese government’s strict policy on internet content. 

Closed due to low usage

A Google prophet said that the company has decided to shut down Google Translate due to low operation in China. In August, the largest translation service entered5.35 crore successes in China. Google launched the translation app in China in 2017. To attract Chinese druggies, the company also announced with notorious Chinese American rapper MC Jin. 

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