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American scientists have developed a method for obtaining aviation fuel from wood

American scientists have developed a system for carrying aeronautics energy from wood 


US scientists have reported the successful use of lignin to produce aeronautics energy. The work was published in Joule magazine. 

Lignin is part of the hard corridor of factory cell walls. It's delicate to use it for biofuels, so it's frequently simply burned in the process of carrying heat or energy. former work has produced lignin canvases with an oxygen content ranging from 27 to 34, but for artificial use as a energy, the oxygen content must be lower than0.5. 


Using a molybdenum carbide- grounded catalyst, the scientists were suitable to achieve an oxygen content of about 1. Lignin is the largest natural source of renewable sweet hydrocarbons demanded to fuel spurt and aircraft machines. Its use will allow the aeronautics assiduity to meet its earlier commitment to reduce carbon emigrations. The scientists also showed that the lignin reused according to their system is compatible with conventional energy systems. At the same time, the cost of processing lignin will be veritably moderate, since noble essence aren't used in the system, and a high yield will make it possible to gain large quantities of energy. 


The work was carried out by scientists from the US Department of Energy’s public Renewable Energy Laboratory( NREL), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology( MIT), and the University of Washington. 

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