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How to Make Money Online With Your Skills in 2022

How to Make Money Online With Your Skills in 2022

We cannot deny that even in the 21st century, we have not been able to achieve the development of women in our country.

Keeping in mind that the women of our country can become self-reliant, we have created an application named RISER APP.We are confident that we have made an effort through our application to empower women to do their own business at home or the place of business and become self-reliant.

We believe that after using our app, women will be able to start their own business or take it to a new height if they already have their business sector.

If you are also a woman and want to start your business through our Riser App, then you can install our riser app on your phone, register today, and start your business or skill.

What is Riser Application

Riser is India's firstSkill based Hyperlocal Short Video application dedicated especially to non-working and dependent women

Riser gives you the opportunity to earn money simply by showcasing your skills. We Give Millions of Indian Makers and Micro-Entrepreneurs the Ability to Succeed

Start earning immediately after registering with us for free, uploading a short video, and sharing it with others.
You can easily become financially independent by capitalising on your own talents or skills and earning money from those endeavours.

અહીંથી જુઓ એક રીક્ષામાં 27 પેસેન્જર નો વિડિયો

Benifits of Joining Us

Free Promtion

This video is being promoted by the RISER team through the application, and they are working to ensure that it is seen by as many of the people who have signed up for the service as possible.




Grow Your Local Buisness

The best part of the application is that it is purely location based which helps you to target customer locally and help in rapid growth of the business.

If you have an existing business like beauty parlor, Yoga class or nutrition clinic you can promote the business with RISER application and ensure that more people living nearby are aware of your business.

Not only this, nearby users will also be able to find your business in the application and approach you in case of specific requirement. Eg if you own a beauty parlor, if in case a nearby customer is having a marriage, they will know that nearby there is a user who provides this service and can approach you.

Book 1:1 Call

Another feature which RISER provides is 1:1 call to with the tutor and the learner. In today’s time where physical interaction must be less, the application offers a 1:1 calling feature. This feature allows the individual user to set up a call with their students so that they can learn offline without their physical presence. The call set up can be discussed before and set up as per the convenience and availability of both the parties.

Gift Rewards

With good service comes great gifts. If you offer good services to the clients, apart from the standard cost/earnings the different users can send the creators/tutors various attractive rewards.

Session /Master Class

Anyone who would like to learn your specific talent can also approach you for the service for which you will be paid.Suppose you have a Yoga class/karate class, users in the application can search for Karate Classes nearby, and your business will pop up.This can easily be converted to a monthly earning for a non-earning housewife all thanks to RISER.

Product Sales

The RISER team promotes this video via the application and make sure that this reaches to the large number of users registered in the application

Creator Fund

Everyone likes to be appreciated and recognized, RISER does just that. At the end of each month the top creator will be receiving an attractive reward fund in the name of CREATOR FUND. This will be coming from the company and as per the engagement of the creators In the application this will be decided

Affilate Marketing

What if you could make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you sleep? This is the concept behind affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. Extremely beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push toward less traditional marketing tactics has certainly paid off.

How to Register Riser Application ?

Download Here From here 

How You Monetize your Talent With Riser?

We handhold you in your journey to success and help you create a new unique identity. We make sure that all talented skilled person from all around India are given an opportunity to better themselves, so that they can grow personally and financially. At Riser we value hard work and commitment and make sure you are rewarded and recognized for your efforts

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