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This SUV of Renault will contend with Mahindra Thar, neither petrol nor diesel is demanded to run

This SUV of Renault will contend with Mahindra Thar, neither petrol nor diesel is demanded to run 

Features of Renault 4

Renault 4 has been erected by the company on its ultramodern electric vehicle platform CMF- BEV. It'll be erected along with the Renault 5 at the company’s Electri City product mecca in northern France. The company is preparing to launch it in the worldwide requests in 2025. 


renault 4 design

The Renault 4 is presented as a rugged and bold off- road auto. The auto is fitted with an out- road body tackle. This auto is going to share in the periodic 4L jewel to be held in the desert of Morocco. Renault says this is going to be the toughest auto to come with an electric powertrain. The company has also said that this auto will prove to be veritably practical and helpful in out- road lifts. 


Talking about the front of the auto, it has been given an SUV- suchlike look in front. The auto has a large front cushion which also has air reflections. Talking about its side profile, the auto gets large amalgamation bus along with out- road tires. While the door has a flash handle, the ORVM has been replaced with a hinder fastening camera whose display is placed inside the cabin. To give it a strong out- road appeal, the company has mounted a spare wheel on its roof. A spare wheel is placed on the roof. 


Will run on full charge

The Renault 4 is small in appearance but it's a veritably important auto. In this, the company has used a 42kWh nickel cobalt manganese battery which has been fitted on the bottom of the auto. On full charge, this auto can be driven up to 402 km. The electric motor is installed on the frontal axle of the auto. This motor is so important that the auto accelerates from 0- 100 km/ h in just 10 seconds. 

The company can also launch this auto in a 4- wheel drive variant latterly. Let us tell you that the original model of Renault 4 is formerly being vended and the company has vended 80 lakh units so far. 


The overall length of the auto is 4060 mm and the wheelbase is,570 mm. It's slightly lower than the Renault Captur SUV. Since the auto does n’t have an machine and does n’t indeed have a gearbox, it gets further cabin space. The company has not yet participated the information of its innards.


DriveSpark Ideas

Still, it'll contend with SUVs like Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha in the off- road member, If the Renault 4 is launched in India. At present, there's no out- road electric SUV available to contend with it in the Indian request. 

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